Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at the Brooklyn Queens is designed to improve each patient’s ability to be independent again and perform normal daily tasks such as take a bath, dress or use the bathroom.

Many patients come to the Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home after a serious injury or illness that tampers their ability to be independent. We specialize in holistic care, which enables patients to regain their ability to participate in normal daily life and relearn their previous ability to perform normal skills and regain independence.

    Brooklyn Queens occupational therapy staff trains each patient to perform the exercises necessary for re-learning their original skills and living a normal life. They design a specific training plan for each patient that depends on their needs.

    They understand the change the patient’s body suffered as a consequence of their injury or illness and teach patients how to use appropriate equipment to overcome those changes.

    Occupational Therapy To Regain Living Skills

    We provide the kind of rehab therapy that focuses on the patients’ daily activities: hygiene, grooming, eating, and drinking. The goal of occupational therapy is to help patients regain the ability to perform all those daily tasks on their own.

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    Our staff is trained to help patients go through the occupational therapy exercises gradually, without injuring themselves, until their normal functions are restored.

    Rehabilitation therapy at the Brooklyn Queens allows our patients to return to their previous living standards. The exercises are gentle, and patients are motivated to perform them in order to quickly regain the ability to take care of themselves.

    The occupational therapy exercises restore patient’s normal coordination and motor skills, but also rebuild their self-confidence by ensuring their ability to live independently and regain normal life skills.